Kitchen remodel ideas – Part II

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Kitchen remodel ideas

(Part II)

Kitchen remodel ideas Part I

3. Hot New Trends

Built-in, wood-burning pizza ovens are a popular new “toy,” underscoring the social aspects of the kitchen. Making pizza is a family affair that kids, parents, and grandparents can participate in: Rolling out the dough, adding toppings, sliding the piping-hot pizza out on a long paddle, and, of course, eating it! In this kitchen, the designers chose simple surfaces like concrete and metal counters so family members could prepare foods and cook together without concerns about wear and tear. The stainless-steel counter easily tolerates the heat, while the steel-clad cubbies are perfect for storing wood and tools. Because the home was once a historic farm, traditional cabinets and stonework pay homage to the home’s traditional roots. Restaurant-style stoves were all the rage in the 1990s and are still popular today in larger kitchens. But if you want the latest in cooking technology, an electric induction cooktop is for you. Yes, induction. While earlier-generation units didn’t regulate heat very well, the new units allow for fine temperature adjustments. They work with a magnetic connection that is only activated where pots and pans touch the surface. All other surfaces are cool—and so is the area under the heated pot the moment it leaves the cooktop—which makes it a good choice for families with small children.

4. Easy Does It

Even if you can’t afford a total remodel, it is possible to “refresh” your kitchen with small improvements. The key is to identify the shortcomings and find solutions. New hardware and a fresh coat of paint will revive tired cabinetry, a dramatic backsplash can become a welcome focal point, even a free-standing center island can add counter space, storage, and seating—along with a totally new and fresh look. You can find many more tips and guidance in my book, Kitchen Magic.

By Sabine H. Schoenberg

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